Mobile Development
Do your employees require remote access to corporate resources in real-time? Do you have field workers that need to integrate with your server systems to do their job? We specialize in multi-tiered business solutions that provide your employees with remote access to your business systems. With the proliferation of mobile devices, we can change the way your employees do their business. We can reduce costs, increase employee productivity and improve business intelligence by integrating the power of mobile with your business systems. To give an idea of how mobile technology can be leveraged, see our flagship product, SPConnect on GooglePlay (Android) and ITunes (IOS). If you have a SharePoint deployment, you can easily use SPConnect to connect to a SharePoint site and instantantly get access to the SharePoint lists. If off the shelf SPConnect does not completely meet your requirements, consider custom modifications. We can write custom software on the client side (mobile, browser or desktop) and the server side. We can also build a new mobile app to meet your exact requirements. We specialize in writing native apps for Android and IOS.

Custom Software Development
Sometimes off the shelf software may not completely meet all your requirements. Using the full life cycle management, we can design and build a custom software solution that is tailored to your business needs. Leverage our expertise in multi-tiered business systems. On the front end we can provide access via mobile, web browser or desktop. Back end system include application server layer and database. As Microsoft partners, we specialize in technologies from the Windows development stack: .NET, ASP.NET and SQL Server. We have expertise in languages and frameworks such as Java, Objective-C, C++, C# .NET, Javascript, JQuery, and CSS.

SharePoint Customization and Consultation
Do you have a SharePoint deployment that is not being used? Do you lack employee buy-in? Does the out-of-the box SharePoint not meet your requirements? Consider SharePoint customization to maximize the effectiveness of SharePoint in your organization. We specialize in web-parts that retrieve the data that your employees requires. We provide custom SharePoint Branding and Customization.

Software Development Programming Courses
Do you have programmers that need to get up to speed in a certain programming technology for their next project? Do you want your programmers to maximize their effectiveness after the course? Come and take engaging and practical courses that will challenge your technical requirements. We can provide a flexible schedule. We feel five day courses are too intensive and do not allow a student to fully absorb the material in such a short period of time. There should be sufficient time to practice by writing short programs that exercise the concepts presented in class. Do you have a group of developers that are moving into a new technology but you can't afford to have them take a complete week off? We can provide a flexible schedule that will maximize the learning experience. Courses are taught by instructors that have practical experience and the academic background necessary to explain the material. Each course comes with lecture notes and slides, relevant exercises and a text book. We can deliver on-site courses that fit your schedule.